Réseau québécois de la télésanté

Telehealth Governance

Support for telehealth operations

The health institution is responsible for supporting telehealth operations for all locally acquired and deployed technologies.

For technologies acquired and deployed as part of provincial services or with a provincial component, both application and technical support is organised in several levels:

Level 1 Support

With some exceptions, Level 1 support is organised locally by the institution. It is offered directly to users of telehealth solutions and services.

Level 2 Support

Depending on the service agreements in place, Level 2 support is provided either by the TCC serving the facility or by a TCC mandated to support a provincial service. This support is provided to the entity responsible for Level 1 support (usually the institution).

Level 3 Support

Level 3 support is normally provided by the telehealth solution provider or by organizations that manage contractual relationships with these providers, e.g., the MSSS or Infrastructures technologiques Québec (ITQ). The level 2 support manager works with level 3 support to ensure the conclusion of the request and communicates the outcome to the requesting institution (Level 1 support).