Réseau québécois de la télésanté

Mission, vision and values

The Réseau québécois de la télésanté (RQT) is committed to developing practices in the field of virtual care and services based on a mission, vision and values ​​common to all of its stakeholders.


The main mission of the RQT is to establish active partnerships with the institutions to provide innovative and optimal Telehealth solutions. These solutions allow to:

  • Support integrated service networks;
  • Increase accessibility to services;
  • Optimise the use of resources;
  • Encourage user participation;
  • Provide continuous care in a timely manner.


Telehealth is a common way of organising clinical activities that integrates with existing care and services. It promotes networking between institutions, health professionals, patients and citizens. To achieve this vision, RQT teams deploy a change management approach that mobilises stakeholders at all levels of the network and health organisations.

For citizens

Telehealth makes it possible to receive quality care and services adapted to their needs, as close as possible to their place of residence.

For Health Professionals

Telehealth enables care and services to be provided simply and efficiently using modern and innovative information technologies.


The RQT teams subscribe to the values issued by the Commission de l’éthique en sciences et en technologies.Open an external link in a new window

Trust and respect play a fundamental role in the clinical relationship between the actors in the network who must work together to carry out Telehealth activities.

Autonomy refers to the ability of the individual to participate actively in decisions that affect him or her. The free and informed consent of the user to Telehealth services is based on this central value.

Solidarity takes into account the bonds that unite members of the same community. In this sense, it encourages an awareness of the consequences of our actions and choices on others so that we do not sacrifice the interest of others or the community for the benefit of individual interests.

Benevolence and non-maleficence derive from the therapeutic relationship and justify the need for health professionals to ensure that the services provided via Telehealth are always in the patient’s interest, taking into account situations of vulnerability and possible harm.

In addition, the values that animate the team with regard to its mission and collaboration with the network are:

  • Equity in the services to be offered;
  • Professionalism in our relationships;
  • Concern for the quality of services rendered;
  • Rigour and determination in our work;
  • Transparent and respectful communication;
  • The ability to seize opportunities and innovate;
  • Dynamic and open collaboration;
  • Adaptability to change;
  • A willingness to continuously improve.

Last update: July 27, 2023