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Virtual meeting with the Oncology nurse

This page is intended for cancer patients, particularly those followed by an oncology pivot nurse (OPN). Patients wishing to avail themselves of virtual meetings are invited to inform their OPN.

Description of the service

The role of the OPN is centred around four key functions: assessment, teaching/informing, supporting and coordinating. They offer their services both in person and remotely. The telephone is often used for remote follow-up and allows patients to contact their nurse spontaneously or on a scheduled basis. However, a video meeting can also be requested, both by the patient and the OPN. This modality allows the nurse to better assess the patient’s condition and to provide the required explanations and teaching more effectively. In addition, it is a way of facilitating the participation of family caregivers who can join the meeting from their own homes. Finally, avoiding trips to the hospital reduces the inconvenience of time, energy, costs and family logistics.

Virtual exchanges also facilitate collaboration with other professionals on the cancer team by allowing them to join video calls. Some of these professionals can even initiate virtual meetings with their patients themselves.

Technology used

In the majority of cancer departments, the Microsoft Teams platform is used to ensure exchanges through video calls. Access to the virtual meetings is free of charge. Patients invited to a virtual meeting receive a link by email and log in with a computer or mobile device at the agreed time of the appointment.

Other technological measures are implemented in some institutions to facilitate access to telehealth for patients who do not have computer equipment or Internet access. Patients in this situation can find out about the availability of these measures from their oncology clinic.

Technical Support 

For any problems with accessing or using Teams, users can contact the clinic or the professional organizing the meeting. Other resources to help users use Teams and prepare for a virtual meeting are also available here Participate in a planned virtual meeting.

Tools and Documentation

The following video provides information and testimonials on the benefits of telehealth in follow-up with the OPN. For all the tools to accompany the use of one or other of the virtual meeting applications, the patient is invited to consult the page Patient and Family Toolbox.

OPNs in the telehealth era – A success story (video in French) Les IPO à l’ère de la télésanté – témoignages de succès (6 min 15s)


    Last update: February 9, 2023