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Monitoring for Oral Anticancer Agents (OAA) 

The Telehomecare Monitoring service offers teaching and personalised follow-up at a distance. Cancer patients using this service are required to periodically assess their health condition and manage the symptoms caused by their treatment. Telehomecare thus help them prevent aggravations and allow for timely support from the clinical team (e.g. pharmacist or nurse).

Who is this service for?

This service is currently offered to patients receiving treatments with oral anticancer agents (OAA).

In what context of care is it applicable?

Telehomecare Monitoring offers a teaching and support service to patients undergoing cancer treatment. To access this service, the patient connects to the Internet from home, using his personal device (smartphone, tablet or computer). The patient answers self-assessment questionnaire(s) daily. The data entered by the patient in the Telehomecare platform is transmitted to his healthcare professional throughout the treatment. Although the data is quickly transmitted to the clinician, it is important to consider that this is not an emergency service.

What types of activities are offered in the platform?

  • Daily monitoring of physical and psychosocial symptoms (e.g., nausea, vomiting, fever, pain, constipation, skin problem, drowsiness, anxiety, etc.);
  • Medication intake follow up;
  • Access to the health library (e.g., symptom management strategies and prevention);
  • Messaging communication (e.g., question, report a problem, share information, etc.).

Testimony of Mrs. Sévigny

Daughter of a patient followed by the OAA Telehomecare Monitoring team

” My mother has mild Alzheimer’s disease. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, our life was completely turned upside down! Although I am not very “techno”, I immediately accepted the team’s proposal to use the Telehomecare platform.

The whole thing turned out to be simple and fast. We saved time and money and above all, it gives us the assurance of being safe! It helps us manage test results, medication changes, share our concerns, etc. I can write how I feel, send photos if I have any doubt and in return, I get a quick callback.

Not to mention that we find all kinds of health references in the library available to us without having to search on the Internet. Answering the questionnaires only takes a few minutes a day, but they make a big difference in my mother’s treatment. It has become a routine that allows us to take a break, together. “

Summary of the benefits

  • To benefit from distance learning and clinical monitoring from a clinical team;
  • To answer questionnaires about the general and health condition during cancer treatment;
  • To receive personalized information, advice through messaging, documents, and video vignettes;
  • To reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations during cancer treatment.

Interested in this service? Talk to your healthcare professional about the Telehomecare Monitoring Platform.

Tools and documentation

To learn more about the Telehomecare Monitoring service and its plateform, visit the Telehomecare Monitoring Platform – Patient page.

  • Animated characters from the video capsule

    User capsule - Telehomecare in cancerology

    Overview of the Telehomecare platform's "Patient Portal" for cancer patients.
    WATCH VIDEO Length: 3 min 36 s
Animated characters from the video capsule

User capsule – Telehomecare in cancerology

Overview of the Telehomecare platform’s “Patient Portal” for cancer patients.

Length: 3 min 36 s


Last update: April 4, 2024