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Telehomecare Monitoring Platform – Patient

This page is intended for patients who are current or potential users of the Telehomecare Platform. Patients who are being followed in a clinic offering Telehomecare monitoring and who wish to use this service are invited to discuss this with their health professional.

Targeted Clinical Activities

The Telehomecare web platform allows patients to benefit from remote clinical monitoring and education by their healthcare professional. From home, the patient answers questions about their general state and health condition through an online portal. Based on the information provided by the platform, the professional has the opportunity to guide the patient in learning about managing their condition and to intervene with the patient in a timely manner. Personalized information and advice can be provided by messaging or through a health library containing various documents and learning capsules.

This modality offers people with a chronic disease the possibility of gaining autonomy in the management of their disease. Ultimately, it improves quality of life, particularly by reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Although mostly used for the follow-up of chronic diseases, Telehomecare monitoring can be suitable for different levels of care, ranging from acute to end-of-life care.

Telehomecare monitoring is currently deployed for the following conditions:

Description of the technology

The provincial cloud-based Telehomecare monitoring platform offers a patient-specific portal with a display that adapts to the device used: computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition to questionnaires based on personalized clinical protocols, patients have access to a health library, messaging and document sharing features, as well as virtual meetings with their healthcare professional.

Access to the Platform

If the service is in place in your environment, you can use the platform from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Internet Explorer Notice

Internet Explorer is not supported for this platform. All other browsers work correctly.

Support and Guidance

For any request for support or guidance in relation to accessing or using the platform, patients are encouraged to first refer to the health professional or clinic providing the Telehomecare monitoring service.

If needed, patient users can also get technical support by contacting the Centre de soutien des services numériques en santé (CSSNS). For more details, see the page Technical support for patients.

Joindre le CSSNS

Tools and Documentation

Here are the main tools for patients using the Telehomecare Platform. Please note that other documents will be added in the near future to complete this section.



Last update: January 26, 2023