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Virtual care for people using mental health services

This page is intended for people using mental health services in CLSCs, particularly those benefiting from the Quebec Program for Mental Disorders (PQPTM).

Description of the services

As part of the Quebec Program for Mental Disorders: from self-care to psychotherapy (PQPTM), mental health services offered in CLSCs now use telehealth. In order to determine whether the care and services offered are beneficial, people using them are invited to fill out online questionnaires on the symptoms they experience and the difficulties they have in functioning in their daily lives. These questionnaires are scientifically validated and are part of an approach called Routine Outcome Monitoring. In addition to helping people prepare for meetings with their counsellor, the questionnaires allow more time to be spent on other activities during counselling sessions. This virtual modality is accessible and easy to use. It allows people to fill out questionnaires at home, at their convenience, using their computer or mobile device.

As with any health intervention, the person must consent before using a virtual care modality. In the specific case of this PQPTM service, the person remains free at all times to complete or not the online questionnaires, without any consequence on the other care and services offered.

Technology used

The online questionnaires are accessible in the Provincial Virtual Care Platform (VCP). This web application was developed for the public health network in order to facilitate and support the implementation of several virtual care trajectories in Québec. In the case of mental health services, the VCP ensures the secure and confidential management of the various stages involving the PQPTM questionnaires:

  1. The transmission of a link by email to the person;
  2. Completion of the online questionnaire;
  3. Returning the completed questionnaire to the practitioner.

Other technological means have been put in place in some facilities to facilitate access to telehealth services, including virtual consultations (teleconsultation). People wishing to benefit from these services can find out about their availability from their provider.

Technical Support

Before requesting support, it is recommended to consult the user guide in the Tools and Documentation section below. This guide explains how to complete and submit the PQPTM questionnaires.

People who have difficulties using the online questionnaires should first contact the practitioner who sent them the link to the questionnaire by email. If necessary, the provider will refer the person to the Centre de soutien des services numériques en santé (CSSNS). The page Technical support for patients can be consulted if necessary to obtain the contact details.

Tools and Documentation

The following documents and links provide information on the use of the PQPTM questionnaires and on mental health services more generally.


Useful links

Last update: March 14, 2024